Peep shows! And other adventures in sleaze!

HOW IS IT that peep shows never occurred to me before? Doesn’t the very nature of them highlight exactly what I want to criticise – invasion of privacy, scrutiny, objectification, hyper-sexualisation? Jesus, Allison..

This will be the last bit of research that I post, but I just found these images particularly inspiring.

How perfect is this! SUCH a great photo. To take away from it: Neon red and black. Point-of-view camera angle.

Red and black again, but this time with harsh backlighting.

Awesomely tacky. In the first one.. it looks like black and pink velvet wallpaper? Which then, in the second photo, turns into a beautiful combination of neon pink/purple and orange.

Also of note in the first photo: the window framing the woman inside the booth. Looking directly at viewer – could be used to challenge male gaze?

And finally, a booth. This, I find slightly less inspiring, but I wanted to include it for the red, again, and the spotlights.

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