Thinkin’ Bout Text

I’ve been working under the assumption that I’d just have standard, typed text, and I’m not sure why. While looking through “Creating Illustrated Children’s Books” for information on page layout design, I came across a section on fonts.

The notes on this page, in particular, regarding the integration of text with the image, immediately brought me back to Sara Fanelli’s book.

(Sorry the image is cut off, the pages are too big to fit on my scanner bed.)

I think the reason that “Mythological Monsters” didn’t immediately give me the idea to incorporate similarly hand drawn text into my own book is because it meshes SO well with Fanelli’s work, I never thought of it as being an aspect separate from the actual drawings.

Considering it critically now, I love how it works. The book just wouldn’t be the same with regular, typed text, no matter what font it was. It gives it its own unique character and identity. Sooo, I’m definitely going to see how this works with my book.. I’ve been thinking that it’s sort of lacking something so far.

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