Page Prototypes

I’ve been picturing in my head for a little while how the pages ought to be set up… I’ve got some little thumbnail sketches in my sketchbook, but I decided to just put these ones together quickly in Photoshop for a better visualization.

So, what I’ve gotten from this basically is that I REALLY need to focus more on working on the little tiger. I designed him so much earlier than the other animals, I didn’t realize how much his anthropomorphic self contrasts with them… or does it? Maybe I’m thinking too much about it. I just wanted him to be drawn in a way that would let the target audience identify with him, but maybe I should try rethinking it, find something more in-between.

As far as the layouts themselves go, I like the monkey one the best so far. It takes advantage of the width of the spread while still leaving room for text. The peacock one feels awkward to me… Also, I think the images are probably too large for the page, not leaving enough room for the text… or, if there is room, it will look really cramped. As far as the snake one goes, I’m happy enough with it, but I’m kind of embarrassed by the way I drew the tiger in that one; didn’t realize how badly I painted him in.

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