Push pin style paper dolls…

I am not sure what the technical name is for these guys! But I love them!

Major inspiration from Jess Fink, who I’ve been following for a long time.

First of all, a tame example…

(more photos at http://finkenstein.livejournal.com/177400.html)

And then, a slightly more scandalous example.

(more of this series at http://finkenstein.livejournal.com/167003.html#cutid1)

Now for these.. it’s not the erotic content so much as the gorgeous victorian-inspired design of the dolls, as well as the comic the characters come from. It ties in really, really nicely with the paper doll aesthetic that I’ve already been looking at. Beautiful line drawings, complimented by an understated, almost sepia colour tone. I love these.

From the same page as the previous one. I also just wanted to note how lovely the presentation is! Just the nice little detail outlining the doll pattern, it really pulls it all together.

As the watermark says, these are all characters from her webcomic, Chester XYZ 5000.

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