To Do List

For NP

  • Visually explore dolls/alice
    • Fill sketchbook
      • Bottle designs
      • Doll designs
      • Explore different mediums
      • Key designs
      • Look further into relevant symbolism (library)
      • Adult makeup on dolls
      • Adult dress on dolls
      • Look into child beauty pageants?
      • Colour usage
  • Visually explore magazines/advertising
    • Fill sketchbook
      • Magazine covers – graphic techniques
      • Different sorts of advertisement, poster placement and use
      • Binding techniques
      • Colour usage
      • Slogans
      • Typography
      • Different ways to incorporate text into project
      • Sketches for spreads
      • Sketches for covers
      • Sketches for posters
      • Digital media experimentation
  • Decide which idea to follow
  • Fill another sketchbook with visual development
    • Sketches for final designs
    • Colour palettes
    • Presentation ideas
      • Framed?
      • Bound?
  • Create 5 final images


  • Write and hand in learning agreement (BY FRIDAY!)
  • Explore facial moulds
  • Research interactive exhibits
  • Explore stylistic and media options
  • Explore mask making

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