At an Impasse!

I don’t know what direction to take this in, and I really need to decide! Quickly!


  • Dolls as ideals/Alice in Wonderland – “Drink me”
  • Magazines/advertising/the sale of the idea

Pros of Dolls/Alice:

  • Works as a good visual metaphor for ‘the ideal’
  • Calls Barbie and Bratz etc to mind
  • Value based purely on aesthetics; nothing else to them
  • Childhood connotations; focus placed on the effect that intense scrutiny and early sexualisation has on young girls
  • Mass manufactured
  • Drink me/eat me: induces physical change in order to bring eater/drinker to appropriate size
  • Key with Drink Me bottle could be symbolic in and of itself

Pros of Magazines/Ads

  • Context is appropriate
  • Text easily incorporated

Cons of Dolls/Alice

  • Maybe too many ideas combined

Cons of Magazines/Ads

  • Too obvious?
  • Too preachy?

I’m really just going to have to start drawing these out and see where they go.

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