Masks and Faces

Something that occurred to me today during the group tutorial session.. incorporating masks into my final project. If I’m looking at identity, it would seem a natural direction to move in.

Here, I’ve found some information on plaster casting:

The end result of this tutorial looks like this on the website:

While these are more replications of faces than masks, I think this could be an interesting direction to go in as well. I could maybe create layers of each, or a row of the above faces, on in front of the other, following a change in someone’s identity over time? Need to sketch this so I remember what I’m thinking of tomorrow.

Update: Found a loovely mask making tutorial at Threadbanger’s Youtube.

I’m quite interested, at the moment, by the idea of creating tons and tons of masks that sit over a plaster face. Pretty excited by the idea of drawing all over and decorating each mask as well.. we’ll see where this goes.

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