Research: david o’reilly

I love David O’Reilly’s animations, especially these two.

The reason I wanted to post Please Say Something here is because O’Reilly made it specifically with the purpose of creating emotion with very crudely made or “basic” animation. I put “basic” in quotations, because to be honest, an animation like this is something I’d never be able to make.

Octocat is probably a better example of EXTREMELY simple techniques (up until the end), since it’s made to look like a little kid created it. The feeling I get from this one is definitely different to Please Say Something – it’s not contemplative, but rather frantic and on-edge – but it’s still very effective.

These were important to include in my research in this project because the idea of using simplistic animation and still being able to create a mood is something that I definitely need to look into, as making complex ones is definitely outside my knowledge.

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