Research: Salad Fingers

Everyone knows about Salad Fingers. I actually have a really hard time watching these videos, which is the reason I wanted to look into them for this project. One of my main ideas to look at in terms of divergence is phobias, because they take the common emotion of fear to a completely different level. So, when trying to think of animations to research that would provide examples of inciting irrational fear, this was the first video to pop into my head.

With Salad Fingers, it’s really a combination of all elements working together to make the viewer feel extremely uncomfortable. The sound, obviously, is really unsettling – the voice used, the strange sounds that come from other characters’ mouthes, and the sound effects (the rusty spoon one in particular gives me shivers). The color palette is extremely unappetizing, and the lines used to draw everything are jumpy and uncomfortable.

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