Story – Female Perfection/Ideal

I’m afraid I didn’t devote enough space in my sketchbook to this, so I’m going to write it here.

One of the main problems I had with my initial thumbnails was that, although I was trying to show progression (regression?) I didn’t think it was obvious or effective enough, which is why I decided to look for new imagery. One of its basic themes – not willful disfigurement, but objectification – remains in my final images, but in a different way.

My narrative for these is the progression into the “ideal woman,” through the steps that are necessary to take. The order I’ve chosen to put them in represents what I think the story is. It begins with innocence/virginity – while these are highly valued in terms of attractiveness, a person does not choose to have them… they simply are that way during the beginning of their life. The next step is willful objectification, which opens the door to the last two: emphasis placed on sexual appeal over mental substance, and finally, social submission.

Although this is the order that makes sense to me, I created these images with the intent that they could be viewed in a way that the viewer can relate to.. there is really no solid linear story here; I wanted a more dreamlike feel. The images themselves, I hope, can be interpreted a number of ways, depending on the individual’s personal experiences.

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