Final Images

Changes made from drafts:

  • The most obvious change is the inversion of the colors. I loved the color scheme of the lips/censor image, but I felt that the others didn’t quite “pop” as much, because the black base was separating the colors from the background, preventing the uncomfortable feeling that comes from looking at them side-by-side. I especially love how the new shoe image looks; I love the contrast between the cyan and yellow
  • With the lips in the second image, I took quite a lot of detail out, so that they would stand more solidly on their own, grabbing more attention. The thought of this occurred to me after having looked at the previous drafts all together in a set; the lips felt like less of a “symbol” by comparison.. they weren’t flat enough.
  • I’ve finished the collar image. By making it green instead of black, I was able to add more detail. I struggled for a while in deciding what decorations would be most indicative of servitude, and eventually decided on the spikes because of their associations with S&M.
  • Also, I altered the turquoise color to be more green, so that it wouldn’t look too much like the cyan.

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