Image Drafts

These were the first drafts of my final images.

This was the first one I made – inspired by Galdos Del Carpio’s image, I decided to remove the figure’s face altogether, and just have the lips and censor bar where the eyes would be. My goal here was to make the image feel really uncomfortable, which is why I chose the turquoise background and bright pink color for the lips. I wanted to create images that were very much the opposite of what you’d expect from images inspired by Cinderella, which was one of the influences behind choosing such garish, neon colors; I wanted it to be unmistakably modern.

I decided to make the butterfly next, because I thought that the “innocence” imagery would be a nice contrast to the previous one. At this point I decided to maintain a theme within the images of using only two colors, plus black as a base.

I really love the silhouette of this shoe, and how the use of yellow to create the cheetah print really fell into place. This is my “sex appeal” piece, playing to fetish imagery.

The collar isn’t finished yet, but I wanted to include it anyway. I’m really not sure about it right now… it’s not coming together as easily as the other ones.

I decided to use Illustrator to create these images for a couple reasons. First, as mentioned above, I wanted them all to be completely modern, separating them from the original text. After looking though the various illustrators, as well, I was very inspired by Tristan Galdos Del Carpio’s work, as well as Ross Kirton’s. I wanted these images to immediately be attention-grabbing, and I thought this would be effectively accomplished through the combination of bright, garish colors and bold vector graphics. The use of vector graphics, especially, I thought, would help to emphasize the idea of these images as literal symbols, reminiscent of pictograms, which would invite the viewer to interpret them.

It was a really good experience learning to use illustrator; it’s not nearly as complex as I had initially thought, and it’s definitely worth learning for the distinct images it can create.

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