Tristan Glados Del Carpio

I didn’t actually like this image very much at first, but it’s really grown on me – I think because of the effective simplicity in the color choices which, oddly, I think is what put me off of it in the first place… I’m not that fond of the pea-green shade. Once I learned that it was created with the intent of advertisement, however, my whole viewpoint on it changed, and I realized that the use of green was intended to convey a sense of envy in the figure. The object of desire is the red shoe which, in addition in working to effectively contrast with the green background, is evocative of sexual power, especially when combined with a stiletto heel and snakeskin print. The figure’s lips are the only other element which stand out, highlighted in pink.. this is similar to the previous image I looked at, acting as a symbol of beauty. Both the lips and the shoe are the only places in the image that white is used; this help to further separate them from the background, and establishes them as the most important elements; the figure is secondary.

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