Kime Buzzelli

The above image, by Kime Buzzelli, caught my eye because of the incorporation of text, which draws attention to the use of the mouth as sexual appeal. This is further enforced by the way the lips on the figure are drawn – they are disproportionately large, a quality which is enhanced by the use of a single bold color to draw attention to them. The figure herself is aware of the sexual associations made with lips, and is actively drawing attention to them herself, in order to gain male attention. The result is an image which immediately calls to mind vaginal penetration… and reminded me of this photograph by Roger Parry in a book I’ve got on fetish and surrealism:

Also, not quite as interesting probably, but I like the subtle use of colors, and especially the fact that the figure’s lips are the same color as her shirt… it makes a connection between fashion and sexual appeal. I also really like the flesh-toned paper it’s drawn on.

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