Visual Explanation Unit – Initial Research

After deciding I wanted to produce a children’s book for this unit, I went online and looked up some books to help guide me in the right direction.

As I have never done work geared specifically towards children before, I thought it would be a good idea to purchase both of these books in order to learn more about the specifics of the industry, and the different variables I would have to take into account.

I had seen Play Pen in the library a few times, and loved the work featured inside, but never had an excuse to buy it until now. The variety of illustrations included in it is fantastic, and I’m excited to try out some different techniques inspired by them.

These are the final two books I purchased the the purpose of initial research. They are both similar in basic format – both are picture books with relatively small amounts of text, and both use collage techniques for their illustrations – and are also very, very different in style and approach. “Brown Bear, Brown Bear” is much more simplistic in style and content, and is obviously intended for the youngest target age group – the reason I thought of it in the first place for this project is because my mother used to read it to my sister when she was 2 or 3. In “Mythical Monsters,” however, Sara Fanelli takes a much more stylized approach to her collage work, ending up with some pretty bizarre creations. The text, as well, is slightly more advanced than in Eric Carle’s book, and the nature of the illustrations themselves require a slightly older age group to appreciate the images.

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