Edge Magazine

While looking through a copy of Edge magazine, I found some images which I found pretty inspiring:


I love this cover, dealing with the Japanese game industry. To be perfectly honest, I didn’t realize until the second or third time I looked at it that the spot of blood is also meant to make the cover resemble the Japanese flag. It’s such an awesome, simple idea, that displays all of the essential elements of the article without making it obvious or contrived in anyway. It’s just an incredibly effective image, and I love the execution.

This article, I would probably not have paid attention to were it not for the illustrations, so they’ve done their job pretty well. I really like these in terms of relevance to my project because I would never have thought that such a casual, doodly style would be acceptable for a major publication, but it fits very well with the topic at hand. This is just another case of my preconceptions regarding editorial illustration being proven wrong, and I’m really glad for it, because it frees me up from thinking I have to stick to a certain style and method.

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