I found this article while just browsing the internet a little while ago, I think there was a link on Digg. I bookmarked it because I remember really liking the illustration that accompanies it.

In terms of the article’s content, it essentially argues that little girls are actually, contrary popular belief, more gross than little boys. What really interests me about the illustration is that it is only very loosely related to the article, and is far from a literal visual depiction of the situations discussed.

Prior to this project, I had what I now realize was a very narrow view of editorial illustration. I went into the project assuming that I would have to work in a certain style, conveying the content of articles in a very literal manner. The more I have looked into it, however, I have realized how wrong I was. Were I given this article to illustrate, I would not in the past have thought to produce anything like what the artist has done here. This is one case that has helped force me to question my preconceptions regarding this area of illustration.

I now realize that the primary purpose of an editorial illustration is to draw attention to its assigned article, and this image did just that for me. To be honest, I probably would not have bothered reading the text if not for the image, making it very successful. I’m sure other people will feel different ways about it, certainly, but I personally find it interesting. All of this is in spite of the fact that it, on the surface, has very little to do with the actual article.

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