Little White Lies: cult and b-movies

More illustrations from Little White Lies!

This image accompanies an article about the state of current British b-movies. I haven’t got too awful much to say about it, other than the fact that I just like the execution. While the actual images used are relevant to the article, the use of printing dots and graph paper, the CMYK magenta and cyan, and the ink blots, all of these things are simply stylistic choices, and have nothing directly to do with the article. Images like this have helped me realize that there really is no single style to editorial illustration, and I thought I would mention it here because it’s a useful example that I’ve found.

The second image accompanies an article regarding cult heroes in the film industry, and I really love the way it stick to the traditional cult-monster-film aesthetic. The prominent placement of the woman in distress is very important for the image, because it was a key element of those movies, and the monster in the lower corner works for the same reason. I also like the fact that the image appears to be made of several posters set one over the other. This helps to convey the idea of the history of cult films, rather than just duplicating a single example.

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